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“Here I Come” – CD

“Here I Come” – CD


“Here I Come” recently recorded in Austin, Texas and produced by blues guitar legend Anson Funderburgh. It is a very solid debut record that manages to capture both the technical wizardry of Ramirez’s guitar prowess as well as his rich and poignant voice.

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New Release May 29, 2020 “Here I Come” – CD

Backed by the rollicking boogie-woogie piano and smooth organ work of Jim Pugh (Robert Cray, Etta James, BB King), a funky brass section courtesy of the Texas Horns (Kaz Kazanoff, Al Gomez and John Mills), along with Wes Starr on drums (Mark Hummel, Sam Myers, Delbert McClinton) and Nate Rowe on bass (Redd Volkaert, Emily Gimble), Ramirez delivers a unique sound that’s perhaps best demonstrated by tracks like Three Years, Stop Teasing Me, and Gasoline & Matches, the first two of which feature appearances by Anson Funderbugh.

It’s the ballads, however, that best capture Ramirez’s strength as a vocalist. With tracks like Waiting for Your Call and Goodbye Letter, the album strikes a perfect balance between the upbeat and contemplative styles of blues. Thus making for the sort of record you throw on and listen to from start to finish, rather than a track or two at a time. ~ The Bradenton Times

Songs on Album:

  1. Here I Come
  2. I Miss You Baby
  3. Gasoline & Matches
  4. One Woman Man
  5. Goodbye Letter
  6. The Way You Make Me Feel
  7. Three Years
  8. As You Can See
  9. Waiting For Your Call
  10. Traveling Riverside Blues
  11. Stop Teasing Me

Album musicians:

  • Anson Funderburgh – Featured on “Gasoline and Matches” and “Three Years”
  • Jim Pugh on the Keyboards (Robert Cray, Etta James, BB King)
  • Wes Starr on Drums (Mark Hummel, Sam Myers, Delbert McClinton)
  • Nate Rowe on Bass (Redd Volkaert, Emily Gimble)
  • The Texas Horns on the Brass Section: Kaz Kazanoff, Al Gomez, John Mills

Song Writing: Jose Ramirez except “I Miss You Baby” and “Traveling Riverside Blues”
Production Location: Wire Recording Studio, Austin, TX
Produced by: Anson Funderburgh
Musicians on Album: Jose Ramirez, Jim Pugh, Anson Funderburgh, Wes Starr, Nate Rowe and The Texas Horns

Original Release Date: May 29, 2020
Label: Jose Ramirez Music

Total Length: 55:00
Format: Compact Disc (CD)
Genres: Blues
Copyright: 2020 All Rights Reserved Jose Ramirez

“The tunes run from blues and R&B to soul, and his guitar work, which is deeply rooted in blues styles, is deliberate and the most soulful playing I’ve heard in ages” – Bill Wilson